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Original Size : 12″ x 10″ Without Frame

"Breaker" is a captivating artwork that brings the dynamic energy of the ocean into your space. This piece is meticulously crafted using fabric on stretched canvas, enhanced with vibrant acrylic paints. It captures the moment when powerful sea waves crash into the shore, creating a stunning display of white foam and cascading water. The textures of the fabric add a unique, tactile dimension to the painting, making the waves almost come alive. The rich blues and whites evoke a sense of movement and natural beauty, perfect for bringing a touch of the seaside to any room.


"Breaker" draws inspiration from the raw, untamed beauty of the ocean. The artist was inspired by the relentless force and rhythm of the waves as they break against the shoreline. This natural phenomenon symbolizes both power and tranquility, illustrating the dual nature of the sea. The artwork aims to capture the essence of these fleeting moments, where the ocean's energy is both a source of awe and a reminder of nature's unstoppable force.


Fabric: Various textiles are carefully selected and applied to the canvas to create a rich, textured surface that enhances the visual depth of the waves and foam.

Canvas: High-quality stretched canvas serves as the foundation for the artwork, providing a sturdy and durable base.

Acrylic Paint: Vibrant acrylic paints are used to depict the dynamic colors of the sea and the frothy white foam of the waves, adding layers of vivid detail and contrast.

Customization: This artwork is available for customization. You can request specific color palettes, sizes, or additional elements to better fit your personal aesthetic or spatial requirements.

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