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Size : 41" x 19" with frame


"Camouflaged" draws inspiration from the vast savannas where the tall grasses sway gently in the wind, concealing the vibrant life within. The painting aims to capture the intricate dance of shadows and light that create a natural camouflage for wildlife, blending them seamlessly into their environment. The savanna, with its warm, earthy tones and the hidden wonders it shelters, serves as a perfect muse for this piece.


- Alcohol inks in shades of sienna, rusty dusty black, hazelnut, and caramel

- High-quality Yupo paper or other non-porous surfaces suitable for alcohol inks

- Blending solution or isopropyl alcohol for creating fluid effects

- Brushes and droppers for precise application and control

- Heat gun or air blower to manipulate and blend the inks


"Camouflaged" is an evocative painting that portrays the tall grasses of the savanna, rendered in hues of sienna, hazelnut, and caramel, with subtle hints of rusty dusty black. The fluidity of alcohol inks allows for a natural, organic representation of the grasses, capturing their movement and texture. Hidden within these grasses are the silhouettes of wildlife, subtly suggested through the interplay of shadows and light.

The abstract forms and shadows created by the alcohol inks mimic the natural camouflage of animals in the wild, requiring viewers to look closely and uncover the hidden figures. This technique not only emphasizes the beauty of the savanna's landscape but also speaks to the hidden depths and mysteries of nature. The warm, earthy palette evokes the heat and richness of the savanna, drawing the viewer into a world where life and landscape are intricately intertwined.


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