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Cascade in Emerald

Cascade in Emerald

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Cascade in Emerald 

 Original Size : 8″ x 10″ Without Frame

"Cascade in Emerald" is a captivating artwork that brings the dynamic energy of a cascading waterfall to life through the vivid hues of emerald green. This acrylic pour painting, meticulously created on a stretched canvas, exudes movement and depth, drawing the viewer into its fluid and mesmerizing composition. The layers of green, interspersed with subtle hints of white and gold, mimic the natural interplay of light and water, creating a sense of flow and tranquility. The entire piece is finished with a glossy resin coat, enhancing the vibrancy of the colors and adding a sleek, polished look.


The inspiration behind "Cascade in Emerald" stems from the enchanting beauty of waterfalls found in lush, verdant landscapes. The artist sought to capture the serene yet powerful essence of these natural wonders, where the water's movement and the surrounding greenery create a harmonious and rejuvenating scene. The use of emerald green symbolizes growth, renewal, and the rich vitality of nature, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the painting's immersive and soothing atmosphere.


Medium: Acrylic paint

Technique: Acrylic pour

Canvas: Stretched canvas

Finish: Glossy resin coat

"Cascade in Emerald" can be customized to suit individual preferences. Options for customization include variations in color schemes, canvas sizes, and specific design elements to better match the aesthetic or thematic requirements of the space it will adorn. This ensures that each piece is unique and tailored to the client's vision, maintaining the essence of the original inspiration while offering a personalized touch.

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