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Colours of the Masai

Colours of the Masai

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Colours of the Masai

SIze : 41" x 19" with frame

"Colours of the Maasai" is a captivating painting that captures the essence of the Maasai culture against the backdrop of the expansive African savannah. This piece uses alcohol ink to create fluid and dynamic impressions of the vast grasslands, interspersed with the vibrant and symbolic colors of Maasai beadwork.


The inspiration for "Colours of the Maasai" comes from the striking visual contrast between the earthy tones of the African savannah and the vivid, colorful adornments of the Maasai people. Known for their resilience and deep cultural heritage, the Maasai dress in bright red garments and intricate beadwork, symbolizing their strength and connection to their land. This painting aims to blend these cultural elements with the natural beauty of the savannah, highlighting the harmonious relationship between the Maasai and their environment.


The painting is created using:

Alcohol Inks: Chosen for their vibrant, translucent colors and ability to flow and blend seamlessly, making them ideal for capturing the organic, flowing lines of the savannah grasses and the bold, vivid colors of Maasai beadwork.

Yupo Paper: A non-porous, synthetic paper that works well with alcohol inks, allowing the colors to remain bright and dynamic, and providing a smooth surface that enhances the fluidity of the inks.

Blending Solutions and Brushes: Used to manipulate the alcohol inks, creating depth and texture in the grasslands and the intricate details of the beadwork.

Visual Elements

The painting features broad, sweeping impressions of the savannah’s grasses, rendered in shades of sienna and dusty black. The alcohol inks create a sense of movement and life within the grasses, evoking the endless, windswept plains. Interwoven with these natural tones are vibrant accents of red, representing the traditional Maasai beads. These splashes of red create a striking visual contrast, symbolizing the Maasai’s presence and their deep-rooted connection to the land.

"Colours of the Maasai" is a dynamic and evocative piece that celebrates the enduring beauty and cultural richness of the Maasai people, set against the timeless landscape of the African savannah.


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