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Cosmos : Code 602

Original Size : 10″ x 12″ Without Frame

"Cosmos" is a stunning abstract painting that encapsulates the grandeur and mystery of the universe. Using a rich interplay of textured acrylic colors, this artwork brings to life the vast expanse of the cosmos. The dynamic composition, with swirls and layers of black, white, and gold, evokes the swirling galaxies, shimmering stars, and the deep, infinite space.


The inspiration behind "Cosmos" stems from the awe-inspiring beauty and complexity of the universe. The artist sought to capture the sense of wonder and the profound sense of place that one feels when gazing up at the night sky. By translating the celestial into a tangible form, the painting aims to remind viewers of the boundless possibilities and the interconnectedness of all things.


This artwork is crafted using high-quality acrylic paints, chosen for their vibrant pigmentation and versatility. The textured finish is achieved through a combination of techniques, including layering and the use of palette knives, to create depth and movement. The predominant colors—black, white, and gold—are carefully blended and juxtaposed to mimic the contrast and brilliance of the cosmos, giving the piece a luminous and ethereal quality.


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