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Original Size : 10″ x 12″

Without Frame

"Drape" is a stunning artwork that showcases the beauty of textured fabric, woven with boundless imagination. This piece features flowing textile drapes that evoke a sense of mystery and exploration, inviting viewers to delve into the unknown. The graceful folds and rich textures create a mesmerizing visual experience, making "Drape" a captivating centerpiece in any setting.


Inspired by the endless possibilities hidden within the folds of fabric, "Drape" reflects the artist's fascination with the unseen and the unexplored. The artwork embodies the journey of discovery, capturing the fluidity and grace of draped textiles. Each curve and shadow represents the tantalizing allure of what lies beyond the surface, encouraging contemplation and curiosity.


"Drape" is crafted from high-quality textured fabric, chosen for its ability to convey depth and movement. The intricate weaving and careful draping of the material create a dynamic interplay folds, enhancing the artwork's sense of mystery. 

This piece is available for customization, allowing collectors to select their preferred size and color to suit their personal aesthetic and space.


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