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Original Size : 8″ x 10″

"Gilded" is an exquisite artwork that captures the opulence and depth of mixed media on a stretched canvas. The piece is distinguished by its luxurious use of 24-carat gold leaf, which infuses the painting with a radiant glow. The rich, emerald green acrylic provides a striking contrast, evoking the lushness of nature and the elegance of precious gemstones. The piece is completed with a smooth, glossy resin finish, enhancing its depth and adding a touch of modern sophistication. Each brushstroke and texture is meticulously crafted, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow that changes with every viewing angle. 


The inspiration behind "Gilded" lies in the timeless allure of gold and the vibrant beauty of nature. The artwork aims to capture the essence of luxury and abundance, reminiscent of ancient treasures and verdant landscapes. The emerald tones symbolize growth, renewal, and prosperity, while the gold elements reflect wealth, success, and the enduring brilliance of the human spirit. The combination of these elements in "Gilded" invites viewers to explore themes of opulence and the natural world's inherent beauty.


Acrylic Paint: High-quality emerald acrylics provide a vivid and rich color base.

24-Carat Gold Leaf: Genuine gold leaf is applied to create luxurious highlights and intricate details.

Textures: Various textural elements are incorporated to add depth and dimension, enhancing the visual and tactile experience.

Resin Finish: A clear, glossy resin coating is applied to protect the artwork and give it a polished, sophisticated look.

Stretched Canvas: The canvas is professionally stretched to ensure durability and a perfect surface for the mixed media application.


"Gilded" is available for customization to suit individual preferences and spaces. Clients can request specific dimensions, color variations, or additional elements to personalize their unique piece of art. Whether for a grand statement in a living room or a subtle touch of elegance in a personal office, each customized "Gilded" painting will reflect the owner's taste and style.


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