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Grassland Phantoms

Grassland Phantoms

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Grassland Phantoms : Code 827

Size : 41" x 19 " with Frame

"Grassland Phantoms" captures the haunting beauty and raw essence of the savannah, using the fluid and vibrant medium of alcohol ink. This painting is inspired by the vast, undulating grasses of the savannah, where life and death are in constant interplay, hidden within the tall, sienna blades.

In the heart of the artwork, impressions of towering grasses dominate the scene, rendered in hues of sienna, rusty dusty black, and caramel. These colors blend and bleed into one another, creating a sense of movement and depth, reflecting the ever-changing light and shadow of the grassland. Shadows of wildlife – elusive predators and skittish prey – are subtly hinted at within the tall grasses, their forms emerging and retreating in a dance of survival.

Amongst the living, there are also echoes of the past: carcasses, bones, and tusks. These remnants of once-majestic creatures are suggested through delicate lines and ghostly shapes, painted in hazelnut and ochre. They serve as poignant reminders of the cyclical nature of life on the savannah, where every shadow could either be a predator or the memory of a fallen giant.

The use of alcohol ink allows for a dynamic and unpredictable application, mirroring the wild and untamed nature of the savannah itself. The fluidity of the ink creates organic shapes and textures, giving the painting a dreamlike quality, where the boundaries between the seen and the unseen blur, capturing the essence of the grassland phantoms.

"Grassland Phantoms" is not just a depiction of the savannah but an exploration of its spirit – a landscape where every shadow tells a story, and every breeze whispers the secrets of life and death.


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