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Invisible Hunters

Invisible Hunters

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 Invisible Hunters : Code 829

Size : 41" x 19"

"The Invisible Hunters" draws its inspiration from the mysterious and elusive nature of predators that inhabit the vast savannah. This painting captures the essence of the hunt, where the hunters are hidden in plain sight, their presence known only by the subtle hints of movement and shadow. The savannah, with its towering grasses and arid landscape, becomes a canvas of anticipation and stealth, where survival hinges on the art of concealment.

Material and Technique

Using alcohol ink, a medium known for its vibrant and fluid qualities, the painting brings to life the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the savannah. Alcohol ink allows for rich, spontaneous expressions of color and texture, making it ideal for depicting the interplay of light and shadow among the tall grasses.


The foreground of the painting is dominated by impressions of huge grasses, rendered in shades of sienna, hazelnut, and caramel, capturing the rich, earthy tones of the arid landscape. The grasses sway and shift, creating a sense of movement and life. Among these grasses, shadows of predators lurk, their forms barely discernible but suggested through the delicate play of light and shadow. The spots and patterns of these hidden animals merge with the background, creating an almost ethereal effect where the hunters remain invisible yet ever-present.

The use of sienna, hazelnut, and caramel tones not only conveys the arid desert environment but also adds depth and warmth to the painting. These colors blend seamlessly, creating a cohesive and immersive scene that transports the viewer into the heart of the savannah. The shadows of the animals are crafted with subtle hints of darker tones, adding to the mystery and intensity of the hunt.

"The Invisible Hunters" is a testament to the beauty and danger of the natural world, a visual narrative of stealth and survival that captivates and intrigues. Through the fluidity and vibrancy of alcohol ink, the painting captures a moment of silent tension, where every shadow holds a story waiting to unfold.


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