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Original Size 12" x 10"

"Kintsugi" is a captivating artwork created using textured acrylic and gold foil on stretched canvas. The piece embodies the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, which translates to “The art of broken things.” This technique involves repairing broken objects with gold lacquer, celebrating their history and imperfections. The painting features a series of intricate textures, mimicking the cracks and fissures found in broken pottery. These textures are interwoven with delicate and radiant gold details, symbolizing the beauty and strength found in imperfection. The gold foil accents catch the light, creating a dynamic interplay between shadow and shine, and bringing a sense of depth and richness to the piece. "Kintsugi" invites viewers to reflect on themes of resilience, transformation, and the profound beauty that can emerge from mending and embracing our flaws.



The inspiration for "Kintsugi" comes from the traditional Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with gold, known as Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi. This philosophy sees breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. The artist aims to capture the essence of this philosophy, using modern materials to convey a timeless message. The gold-infused textures symbolize how life's trials and tribulations can contribute to our unique beauty and strength. By integrating these elements into a contemporary painting, the artwork pays homage to the idea that our imperfections and scars can be a source of beauty and wisdom.


Stretched Canvas: The foundation of the artwork, providing a sturdy and flexible surface.

Acrylic Paint: Used to create the textured base of the painting, offering versatility and durability.

Gold Foil:Applied to highlight the cracks and fissures, emulating the gold lacquer used in traditional Kintsugi, and adding a luxurious, reflective quality.

Texture Mediums:Various mediums are mixed with acrylic paint to build up the layers and create the tactile, cracked effect that is central to the piece's aesthetic.

By using these materials, the artist bridges the gap between ancient art forms and contemporary techniques, creating a piece that is both visually stunning and deeply meaningful.


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