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Size :  18" x 24"

"Komorebi" is a Japanese word that describes the interplay of sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees. It's a poetic concept, evoking a sense of serenity and beauty found in nature. Imagine a painting where the delicate dance of light and shadow creates an enchanting scene within a dense forest.

The black background in alcohol ink serves as a canvas of mystery, from which the vibrant hues of green, gold, and amber emerge, representing the foliage and the sun's rays. The alcohol ink technique lends an ethereal quality to the painting, as the colors blend and flow organically, mimicking the fluidity of sunlight dappling through leaves.

The inspiration for this artwork has come from personal experiences of walking through a forest during sunset, where the shifting light creates a magical ambiance. The artist draws parallels from the Japanese reverence for nature, capturing the essence of "Komorebi" as a metaphor for life's fleeting moments of beauty and tranquility.

To create this painting, the artist has used a black alcohol ink base, allowing it to dry to create depth and contrast. Then, using fine brushes and droppers, delicately layering translucent layers of green, azure, and gold ink to mimic the patterns of light filtering through the forest canopy. 

Ultimately, "Komorebi" would be more than just a painting; it would be a visual meditation on the ephemeral beauty of nature and a reminder to appreciate the moments of magic that surround us every day.

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