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Quill Original

Size : 10″ x 8″
Without Frame

"Quill" is an exquisite acrylic painting on stretched canvas, capturing the ethereal beauty and intricate details of a peacock's feather. The composition showcases the delicate structure and vibrant hues of the feather, rendered with meticulous attention to detail. The painting plays with light and color, creating a sense of depth and movement that draws the viewer into the mesmerizing world of the peacock's plumage.


The shimmering hues of a peacock's feather have long been a source of aesthetic admiration and fascination. Unlike most birds, peacocks achieve their dazzling colors not solely from pigments but through a combination of pigments and photonic crystals, which manipulate light to create iridescence. This phenomenon served as the primary inspiration for "Quill." The artist sought to capture the magical interplay of light and color that makes the peacock's feather such a captivating natural wonder. Through dynamic brushstrokes and a vivid color palette, "Quill" conveys the essence of this iridescence, inviting viewers to appreciate the extraordinary beauty found in nature.


Canvas: Stretched canvas provides a sturdy and textured surface that enhances the acrylic paint's vibrancy and depth.

Acrylic Paints: Known for their versatility and bright pigments, acrylics are used to create the vivid, shimmering colors of the peacock's feather. The artist utilized layering and blending techniques to mimic the photonic crystals' play of light, achieving a luminous and multi-dimensional effect.


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