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Size : 12" x 10"
Without Frame

"Rising" is a stunning acrylic texture painting on stretched canvas that captures the awe-inspiring moment of the sun ascending over the horizon. The artwork radiates warmth and energy, portraying the first light of dawn with vibrant hues and dynamic textures. The golden rays of the sun pierce through the rich layers of the sky, blending seamlessly from deep oranges and reds near the horizon to lighter shades of pink and blue as they rise. The interplay of light and shadow creates a mesmerizing sense of depth and movement, inviting the viewer to experience the serene yet powerful beauty of a new day dawning.


"Rising" is inspired by the universal symbol of renewal and hope that a sunrise represents. The artist sought to encapsulate the transformative energy of morning, a time when the world transitions from the quiet of night to the vibrancy of day. This piece reflects the idea of beginnings and the endless possibilities that come with each new sunrise. Influenced by the natural world's serene beauty and the emotional resonance of dawn, the artist aimed to evoke feelings of optimism and rejuvenation.


This artwork is crafted using high-quality acrylic paints, known for their vibrant colors and durability. The textured elements are achieved through various techniques, including palette knife applications and layering, which add depth and tactile interest to the piece. The canvas is professionally stretched, ensuring a smooth and durable surface that complements the painting's dynamic composition. The use of acrylics allows for bold, expressive brushstrokes and a rich, luminous finish, capturing the essence of the rising sun in all its glory.


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