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Size : With Frame 19' x 25"

In the deep hours of twilight, when the world falls into a hushed embrace, the sea whispers its secrets to the moon. "Shimmers" captures this elusive moment, where silver waves dance and crash upon the shores of ancient copper cliffs. The painting is a symphony of contrasts: the gentle fluidity of water against the rugged solidity of land, the metallic sheen of silver meeting the earthy warmth of copper, all set against the velvety expanse of a midnight-black background.

To create "Shimmers," the artist employed the delicate medium of alcohol ink, a fluid and unpredictable substance that mirrors the ever-changing nature of the sea. With deft strokes and intuitive movements, the artist allowed the inks to blend and swirl, creating a dynamic composition that captures the essence of movement and fluidity. Silver hues glimmer and shift, while rich copper tones anchor the composition with a sense of groundedness and strength.

Upon first glance, "Shimmers" draws the viewer into its depths, beckoning them to explore the mysteries hidden within its layers. Against the backdrop of infinite darkness, the silver waves emerge, their crests catching the moonlight in a dazzling display of brilliance. Each wave seems to possess a life of its own, crashing and receding with a rhythmic grace that speaks to the eternal dance of the tides.

The shores, rendered in lustrous copper tones, stand as silent sentinels against the relentless onslaught of the sea. Weathered and worn, they bear the scars of countless storms, yet they remain steadfast in their resilience. Beneath the surface, hidden caves and grottos beckon the adventurous soul to explore their secrets, promising treasures both tangible and intangible to those brave enough to seek them out.

In "Shimmers," the artist has captured not just a moment in time, but a glimpse into the timeless beauty and power of the natural world. It is a painting that speaks to the soul, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in its depths and emerge forever changed by the experience.


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