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The Prey

The Prey

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The prey : Code 826

Size ; 41" x 19" with Frame

"The Prey" is a dynamic and evocative painting that captures the raw essence of the African savannah, using the vibrant and fluid medium of alcohol ink. The scene is dominated by tall, swaying grasses in shades of sienna and caramel, evoking the heat and expanse of the vast landscape. These grasses create a textured, layered background that hints at the unseen dramas playing out within.

Amidst the rust and dusty black shadows cast by the setting sun, silhouettes of wildlife blend seamlessly into their environment. The shadowy forms of predators lie in wait, their figures barely discernible among the hazelnut and sienna tones of the tall grasses. This ambiguity and stealth reflect the tension and anticipation inherent in the natural world.


The inspiration for "The Prey" stems from the intricate balance of predator and prey in the wild, where the tall grasses of the savannah provide both cover and concealment. This painting seeks to encapsulate the stealth and patience of hunters lying in wait, as well as the ever-present danger that preys must navigate. The choice of alcohol ink as a medium enhances this theme, with its unpredictable and flowing nature mirroring the chaotic yet harmonious existence of wildlife in the savannah.

By using a palette of earthy tones—sienna, rust, dusty black, hazelnut, and caramel—the painting immerses the viewer in the warm, sun-drenched environment. These colors not only bring the scene to life but also evoke the rich, organic beauty of the savannah, where life and death dance in a perpetual, delicate balance.

In "The Prey," the interplay of light and shadow, the hidden forms, and the vibrant hues all come together to create a powerful visual narrative of survival and the beauty of the wild.

Medium:Alcohol Ink  

Palette: Sienna, Rust, Dusty Black, Hazelnut, Caramel


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