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Original Size : 12″ x 10″
Without Frame

"Tourbillon" is a captivating artwork that draws viewers into a mesmerizing spiral motion, embodying a sense of dynamic movement and hypnotic rhythm. The piece features intricate textures and vibrant colors, brought to life through the versatile medium of acrylic on stretched canvas. The swirling forms create a sense of depth and energy, inviting the observer to get lost in its captivating whirl. Each layer and brushstroke adds to the complexity, making "Tourbillon" a truly immersive visual experience.


The inspiration behind "Tourbillon" stems from the natural and mechanical spirals found in both nature and human innovation. From the elegant spirals of galaxies and hurricanes to the precision of a tourbillon mechanism in horology, the painting captures the essence of these fascinating patterns. The artist aims to evoke the feeling of being drawn into a vortex, where time and space seem to blur, and the mind can wander freely in the swirling chaos. The hypnotic effect of the spiral serves as a metaphor for the cycles and rhythms that permeate life, from the cosmic scale down to the intimate moments of personal reflection.


Medium:Acrylic paint

Canvas:High-quality, professionally stretched canvas

Texture: Rich, multi-layered texture achieved through the use of various acrylic mediums and techniques

Dimensions: Customizable to fit various spaces, with standard sizes ranging from small, intimate pieces to large, statement artworks

The use of acrylics allows for a vibrant and bold color palette, while the stretched canvas provides a durable and stable foundation for the intricate textures and dynamic forms. The combination of these materials ensures that "Tourbillon" is not only visually striking but also enduring, ready to captivate audiences for years to come.


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